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“I’ve got arthritis in my fingers.  My father is 82 and his fingers are horribly twisted from arthritis.  I’m 53 and I don’t want to end up like my dad.  Is there anything you can do?” asked Jim.

“This patient was smart and lucky.” said Lucy Gilson at LightSpeed Physiotherapy.  “He’s smart because he is seeking help while we can easily manage his condition.  He’s lucky, because he came to the only dedicated laser/physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga.  In 30 years of practice, I’ve never been able to relieve pain as quickly and inexpensively as I can now.  Jim doesn’t have to suffer like his father has.”

Jim was so impressed with the results of his treatment he brought his father to LightSpeed.  Three weeks later, his father’s grip strength improved, his pain was diminished and his range of motion improved.

“Last year I saw a 78 year old woman with a swollen arthritic knee.  We measured the diameter of her knee before and after her first treatment.  After one 45 minute treatment, the diameter of her knee was reduced, her range of motion improved and there was a significant reduction in pain.” said Lucy. “And all of this was achieved while the patient sat comfortably.”

Can laser therapy really help me?

Recently, The Journal of Rheumatology reported that laser therapy can reduce pain by 70%, reduce morning stiffness and increase flexibility. In comparison, a Cochrane review of the rheumatoid arthritis drug methotrexate stated that only 23% of people taking this drug experienced a difference. However, these patients reported only a 50% improvement in their symptoms. Which treatment would you prefer?

What about other arthritic conditions?

We also achieve very good results with arthritic toes, knees, shoulders, hips, necks and backs. We are able to help a lot of people reduce or eliminate their medication.  As arthritic pain diminishes, they increase their activity level and regain the ability to enjoy life again.

What is laser therapy and how does it work?

Low intensity laser therapy, also known as laser therapy or LILT is based upon the stimulation and healing action of light on cells.

Certain wavelengths of light have an ant-inflammatory effect.  Red and near infrared light improves blood circulation, increases ATP production (ATP is a major fuel source for cells) and improves cell permeability.  The net effect of these actions is to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. 

Laser therapy increases endorphin synthesis which produces an analgesic effect and a sense of well being. Near infrared light interferes with the release of glycoproteins.  Free glycoproteins causes pain.  By keeping cytokines intact, the signaling protein in cells, circulation is increased and healing is accelerated.

The interaction between light and cells is very complex and is now a major area of research.  NASA now uses laser therapy to mitigate muscle wasting and to enhance healing.  There are over 2,500 articles published on the effectiveness of laser therapy.

Why does LightSpeed use the BioFlex Professional System?

The BioFlex system has a complex set of protocols that are adjustable and uses three different wavelengths of light.  Each wavelength of light has a different biological effect and depth of penetration.  It is the combination of light, time and intensity that makes the BioFlex system so effective.

“Laser therapy is a good alternative to drugs or surgery.” says Lucy.  “Our clinic is designed for laser and physiotherapy. This is a unique setting.  We have developed an expertise and knowledge base that is unrivalled.  As specialists in laser/physiotherapy, we know what works.”

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