The Lightspeed Rehabilitation Treatment Approach

At Lightspeed, we are known for our unique approach to physiotherapy. By combining LILT with active physiotherapy and massage therapy, we accelerate the healing process and provide a customized approach to each patient’s recovery.

Our approach is clinically proven and designed to heal your body as efficiently as possible. It achieves measurable results when treating back pain, arthritis, whiplash, sport injuries, chronic pain, auto and industrial accident injuries.

Many of our patients come to us because they have tried other methods to varying degrees of success. The majority of these patients have shown a significant improvement and recovery with our approach to their treatment.

Physiotherapy is a drug-free healthcare practice dedicated to improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance. Our physiotherapists promote fitness, health, and wellness by helping you overcome any limitations your pain is causing to your daily activities.

We reduce and manage pain for a variety of physical impairments and disabilities using laser therapy, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercises designed for your specific condition. Massage therapy is often suggested and combined to maximize the results of the therapies.

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