Custom Orthotics Designed for Individual Needs

Our clinic uses The Orthotic Group (TOG) Gait Scan Analysis™ system to provide custom orthotics for our patients. The Gait Scan Analysis™ system is an innovative diagnostic tool that allows practitioners to analyse the biomechanics of each individual patient and order custom orthotics to fit that patient’s needs.

This approach sets us apart from other clinics in the Greater Toronto Area because the system allows us to analyze each individual person and their specific conditions. While some clinicians measure a patient’s feet while it is still or static, our system provides an individual prescription for the patient based on the measurement of their feet during movement. This is important because it allows us to create a more comprehensive, comfortable and functional orthotic.

The Gait Scan Analysis™ System

With both diagnostic and educational properties, the Gait Scan Analysis™ system provides a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and examination of each patient. The system has 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300Hz (frames per second), making it the industry leader in dynamic scanning capability.

The reports that Gait Scan Analysis™ gives us allow our practitioners to see over one million data points that provide a breakdown of the most optimal information, allowing us to design and prescribe the most effective orthotic solutions for our patients.

How Orthotics Fit in with the Lightspeed Rehabilitation Approach

Orthotics are important in our treatment approach because the feet have a direct impact on the rest of the patient’s body. Therefore, if your feet are not treated properly, the rest of your system will not be as effective.


Our clinic uses a pairing of compression stockings with orthotics, LILT, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. Put together, these services provide an effective support system to help our patients.

Medical gradient compression hosiery promotes better venous flow, which helps to control swelling, varicosities, leg fatigue, and other problematic leg conditions which can be very painful and impact physical function.

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So what does this mean for our patients? It means we are doing everything we can to speed up the recovery process and help you get back to the activities you enjoy doing.

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