Becoming a Lightspeed Rehabilitation Success Story

All of our new patients go through an assessment process, where one of our physiotherapists will carefully examine you and your records. They will get to know your concerns and limitations, and will prescribe an appropriate course of therapy designed for you.

Here’s an idea of what your time with us is going to look like, starting with your initial assessment.

  • Step 1

    An initial assessment and physical examination is completed.

  • Step 2

    We develop a custom treatment program for your needs.

  • Step 3

    Continue to monitor results and help achieve your goals!

What You Can Expect as a New Patient: Your Initial Assessment

First you will receive an initial assessment by one of our clinical physiotherapists. They will ask about your health history and evaluate your physical condition. This includes an analysis of your movement patterns, strength, range of motion, reflexes, sensation, and of course pain patterns.

After the physical exam is done, the physiotherapist will examine any documents, images, and reports that you have provided. This includes x-rays, radiological reports, laboratory tests, surgical notes, or other physician’s records.

From this information and assessment, your physiotherapist will design an individualized treatment program specifically for you to help achieve your goals.

Start Your Journey to Recovery

After your custom treatment plan is developed, we can get started on using our combined treatments to help you achieve your goal. You will work closely with your therapists and focus on your journey to recovery.

Everything we do is designed to help you heal in as little time as possible. We want you to recover as quickly as you can, so you don’t have to miss any more of your favourite activities.

To get started, contact our office now to book an appointment for your initial assessment.

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