The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints of the body, mostly by hands on manipulation. Your assessment and treatment can include orthopaedic and neurological testing, soft tissue manipulation, remedial exercises and client education.

Massage can also be used to reduce stress and anxiety, which can manifest physically as tense muscles, headaches and chronic pain.

Sometimes a massage just feels nice, and can be an important element in the maintenance of your health and well-being.

Why We Use Massage Therapy in Our LILT Physiotherapy Treatment Approach

The various massage therapy techniques are used to prevent stress, relieve pain, and ease discomfort caused by injuries or chronic conditions while the body is healing.

When massage therapy is integrated with LILT treatments and active physiotherapy, the body’s natural healing process is accelerated.

LILT is approved within this scope of practice by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

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