Promoting Good Health Is Possible Now With Rehabilitation in Mississauga

Physical rehabilitation at Lightspeed Rehabilitation is essential to treat quite common discomforts related to both physical and mental well being. The ultimate goal of rehabilitation in Mississauga is to help patients recover, as much as possible, the abilities of individuals suffering from an illness or injury. To achieve this, low intensity laser therapy, exercises, massage and other techniques are used. Next, we show you how to identify when you should go to therapy and what benefits you can get if you do.

It is a proven method of healing | Lightspeed Rehab

Depending on the situation to be addressed, it will sometimes be necessary to consult specialists in other fields, to ensure that the treatment received by the patient is comprehensive and effectively leads them to recover their health. When talking about rehabilitation in Mississauga, we refer to the third level of care for a health problem. The first level is prevention, second is diagnosis and treatment, and third is rehabilitation.

When should you opt for physical rehabilitation in Mississauga?

Forced postures (spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer) may cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s).   Not immediately, but you will feel discomfort after a few months. These types of postures usually cause conflicts in the lower back, spine, shoulders, neck, wrists and hands. Feeling continuous pain in any of these parts of the body is the number one sign that you need to start looking for physical rehabilitation in Mississauga.

Fractures and wear and tear of muscles

Another reason to attend rehabilitation in Mississauga is if you had a serious fracture that required surgery. To regain normal functions, it is necessary to carry out the recommended exercise routine. There are even fractures that did not require surgery, but when they heal, there is still difficulty in making movements. If you feel pain in your muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and joints or diagnosed with a degenerative disease, it is time to ask for help.

Quite helpful for athletes | rehabilitation in Mississauga

People who play sports regularly, especially high-impact sports, would do well to turn to rehabilitation in Mississauga at Lightspeed Rehab. It will help them strengthen the vulnerable areas of their bodies and thus prevent any injuries. Another of the times when you could go visiting a physical therapist is when you have planned intense physical activities out of the ordinary, so that the physiotherapist can advise you on how to take care of yourself.

Quality of life for you at Lightspeed Rehab

The first contact with your physiotherapist will involve recognition of your body, and problems in which as a professional he will know how to advise you. Helping you recover from an injury will help prevent it from happening again.


Rehabilitation in Mississauga


Take care of the health of your joints

Rehabilitation in Mississauga will help you, with exercises adapted to each type of injury, to strengthen those joints or muscles that have lost strength. Remember that feeling severe pain is not the only reason to attend. Discomfort, no matter how minor, is a red light. Prevention is priority.

You gain balance and strength

By treating an injury properly with rehabilitation in Mississauga, you will be able to gain strength in your muscles and joints through specific exercises provided by a professional who can help you during this rehabilitation period.

It will remove your fear of a new injury

Carrying out a correct rehabilitation in Mississauga will make you feel more confident and you will avoid the typical fear of injuring yourself again. It will give you self-confidence, while giving you small positive practices for your body.

Helps to maintain mobility and prevent loss of range of motion

It is common that after an injury the body finds it difficult to regain some mobility, it is even likely that it has lost much of it. Thanks to rehabilitation, you will work to prevent this from happening. The sooner you start to perform the rehabilitation in Mississauga, the better it will be for a previous recovery.

Physical rehabilitation in Mississauga can give you freedom and independence through mobility and thus increase your quality of life. It is based on the principle of healing through movement and strengthening of damaged areas. At Lightspeed Rehab, we specialize in serving patients who are interested in taking care of their bodies, either as a preventive measure or as a solution to discomfort.

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