Why is Patient-centred care essential for physiotherapy in Mississauga?

Delivering high-quality care requires patient-centred care, in which the unique patient is prioritized and his or her biopsychosocial and personal aspects are taken into account. It’s been discovered that physiotherapy in Mississauga professionals frequently struggle to incorporate patient-centred care into their clinical practice. Some important topics to keep the patient in mind are covered in this article.

Patient-centred care leads to better treatment

First and foremost, there needs to be a real connection between the patient and the physiotherapist in order to be able to centre the patient. Improved clinical outcomes can result from therapy relationships that have a strong sense of mutual respect, open lines of communication, and room for self-expression. This may lead to a patient adhering to therapy more closely because they will likely feel more fulfilled.


Patients should feel equal to the therapist in a meaningful connection since this fosters a safe space for them to discuss sentiments and worries about the musculoskeletal complaint they are going through. Treatment can be customized to address unique difficulties and achieve the patient’s specific goals when knowing more about the patient.


The underlying root causes of pain and damage are evaluated by experts in physiotherapy in Mississauga and diagnosed by using hands-on techniques. By increasing joint mobility, muscle strength, balance, and endurance, and regaining the full range of motion, performance, and function.


It is obvious that the patient has the ability to participate in decision-making in patient-centred care. Choosing a person’s treatment objectives can be done at the level of their symptoms, but they should also contain functional and basic objectives. The physiotherapist can consider therapy choices if they have a clear idea of the objectives their patient wishes to meet.


Another crucial component of patient-centred care is offering assistance for self-management of the condition when the physiotherapists of physiotherapy in Mississauga put in the effort to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship and when they are aware of the objectives their patient wishes to achieve. They provide the patient with the ability to control their complaints on their own by empowering and coaching them to actively participate in their rehabilitation.


By checking for biopsychosocial causes of pain and impairment, patient-centred care can be further improved in clinical encounters. Then, during recovery, these have to be prioritized. The physiotherapist can learn more about contributing elements through introspective questions in addition to open communication.

Without interjecting, ask the patient to narrate his/her tale and learn about his/her expectations.


  • What do you suppose is causing your discomfort? (Causal theories)
  • What do you do if the pain gets worse? (Coping)
  • How is your capacity to participate in physical and functional activities being impacted by your symptoms? (Impact)
  • Do you worry? (Concerns)
  • Why do you consider this behaviour harmful? (Beliefs about participating in activities)


In addition to treating a particular ailment or injury, physiotherapists in Mississauga can also offer a number of additional advantages that you might not have anticipated, such as:


  • reduced pain
  • more strength and flexibility
  • enhancement of the metabolic and cardiovascular systems
  • Weight Control
  • Correction of posture
  • Joint flexibility that is greater


Why is Lightspeed the best choice for expert physiotherapy treatment?


Our physiotherapists experts are educated on how the human body works, and they can assess and treat the signs of a disease, injury, or disability using clinical analysis and hands-on care. We take a patient-centred approach for treating our patients.


At Lightspeed Rehabilitation, we use the Bioflex Laser System, designed by Meditech International.  It is designed and manufactured right here in Canada.  It is a scientifically supported and proven modality used to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions.  Photobiomodulation is a safe, effective and pain free modality.  It stimulates cellular activity, causing an increase in cell function, releases endorphins (natural pain killers), reduces inflammation and promotes circulation.  We are the largest provider of laser therapy in Mississauga.


You’ll learn about your body, the underlying source of the issue, and our treatment plan. A tailored therapeutic exercise programme will help you regain control over your physical health and keep it that way. Our goal is to increase your strength and mobility so that you can move pain-free and comfortably once more.


Our physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga is home to a staff of physiotherapy experts that can assist you in overcoming the majority of physical diseases, including neurological problems, weight management, joint mobility challenges, and muscle pain.


Stop letting pain prohibit you from living your life to the fullest any longer. Come to our clinic to begin the healing process. Our treatments are quick and efficient, so you may function and be pain-free more quickly than with other conventional approaches.


Call us right now to schedule an appointment at Lightspeed Rehabilitation, and begin the road to recovery!

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