Marisa has built her career and reputation over 2 decades delivering organizational design, business transformation and other, related initiatives to a client base comprised primarily of financial, retail,  health care and public sector innovators who have made integrating business improvement through innovation a key priority. She helps organizations to build centres of excellence around service and solution delivery with operational best practices that enable them to consistently achieve their goals. Marisa leverages industry best practice frameworks that comply with or exceed regulatory requirements and accommodate her clients’ unique circumstances creating a simple and enabling environment for customers, management and service delivery teams to adopt and sustain. Her goal through her various delivery roles has been to inspire positive and progressive organizational change through focusing on quality and excellence in service delivery.
Marisa’s passion is in education and overall improvement through community building.  She has spent much of her career and personal time building strong relationships with individuals and service providers of like minds to create and enhance networks of professionals who contribute to eachother’s advancement and success, producing superior outcomes.  

When she’s not working, Marisa spends quality time with her troop of fur-babies and planning her next scuba diving adventure with her husband.