LightSpeed Rehabilitation: Mississauga’s Largest Laser Therapy Clinic

We are the largest laser therapy clinic in Mississauga, and one of the largest LILT providers in the Greater Toronto Area. In our clinic, we use the latest modern, cool laser technologies that help us stand out from the rest of the rehabilitation clinics in Southern Ontario.

We focus on painless treatments that promote healing and regeneration with light therapy supported by active treatment and therapy modalities.

Our multi-faceted physiotherapy regime is designed to help patients recover as fast as possible, with clinically proven results.

The Lightspeed Rehabilitation Difference

LILT allows us to take a different and unique approach from other rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

The application of luminous laser diodes that utilize light energy to stimulate tissue growth and regeneration in the body helps to accelerate healing, relieve pain, and improve circulation.

Our method is effective, painless, non-invasive, and the application is easy. It’s one of the most effective modern technologies used in passive modality intervention. Extensive research and clinical practice has shown that combining LILT with traditional, active physiotherapy yields superior and effective results.

Lightspeed Rehabilitation services are covered by many extended health benefits plans, approved WSIB claims, and motor vehicle accident claims. Most do not require a doctor’s referral. Please verify your policy details.

Get Back to the Activities You Love

Don’t waste any more time letting pain keep you on the sidelines of your life. Visit our clinic to start the treatment process. We specialize in treatments that are fast and effective, so you’ll be pain-free and functioning, often faster than other traditional methods.

Call us now to book an appointment and start the journey to recovery!