New laser physiotherapy is helping sufferers find relief and get on with their lives with confidence, says Clifton Matthew

Confidence Bound

“The pain in my neck and shoulders is unbearable.  I’ve seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and an osteopath. When the pain is intolerable I resort to pain pills and anti-inflammatories. Now my doctor is telling me I have arthritis in my neck and I should try Laser Physiotherapy.  Do you really think you can help me?” asked Nora.

Listening closely to Nora, Lucy Gilson at LightSpeed Physiotherapy has heard similar stories before and felt confident Nora could be helped.

Four weeks later Nora was drug free and 90% pain free.

“I was reluctant but hopeful that I would see some results,” said Nora.  “After only a few visits I was amazed that I felt a difference.  I have mobility in my neck that I have not had for over a year.”

So why did Nora recover so quickly when all other treatments were    ineffective?

“The answer,” explains Lucy, “is that we have a different treatment    approach. We combine laser therapy with physiotherapy.

A few years ago I was dissatisfied with how slowly patients recovered.  So I began researching alternative therapies.  I was looking for a   better way to treat patients.  I wanted to get people better faster.”

At a physiotherapy conference in Chicago, Lucy attended a lecture on laser therapy where Dr. Chukuka presented the startling results he achieved with laser therapy. Dr. Chukuka’s success was a result of highly controlled dosages of light. Lucy learned that most laser  systems were under-powered and treatment times, usually five to ten  minutes, were too short.

After further research, Lucy discovered the most sophisticated laser therapy system was available in Toronto. The BioFlex Professional System was developed by a Canadian surgeon, Dr. Fred Kahn and has international acclaim.

Lucy then introduced two BioFlex systems to the hospital where she was the Director of outpatient physiotherapy.

The results were quite surprising.  When laser therapy was combined with physiotherapy, the patients’ pain diminished quickly and their injuries healed rapidly. Since the treatments are painless, patient compliance was better and more people completed their treatment program.

“We have complete or substantial improvement in patients with whiplash, herniated or bulging discs, arthritis, carpal tunnel, knee, foot, shoulder and other chronic conditions with our new treatment program.  Acute injuries such as ankle sprains, automobile, sports or work injuries heal exceptionally fast.”

Within a couple of months the hospital had a two month waiting list for laser therapy.

That’s when Lucy and her husband opened LightSpeed Physiotherapy, Mississauga’s only dedicated laser physiotherapy clinic.  The clinic has 10 BioFlex Professional systems, giving everyone immediate access to the technology.

“We can help a lot of people,” says Lucy. “You don’t have to have a long rehabilitation program that is expensive and disruptive to people’s lives.  Our clinic has a specialized program that is clinically proven to get patients better faster.

No one wants to live in pain. Every day we see the results.  It’s wonderful to see so many people get their life back!”

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