Windriver YOHO Hiker

I know.  It’s 24′ C out today.  It’s Thanksgiving.  The long weekend is drawing to a close and you’re in the garden, in your pool or enjoying the City’s many activities outside.  Who wants to think of winter!  BUT…as they say….”Winter IS coming!”

UHN’s iDAPT Rehabilitation Research institute has done a study on the most popular winter boots at ratemytreads.com.  Does your choice of winter foot-wear make the cut?  7′ is the maximum curb ramp angle allowed in Ontario.  Many boots did not make the grade (literally!)

Some Sperry, Windriver, Dakota and Caterpillar boots proved to be able to grip on this angle in winter conditions.  The rest…well, let’s say they just slipped away!

Avoid slips and falls this winter.  Ensure your boots make the grade!

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